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Want to go on an adventure? but worried about the sound system you take with you. Here you will get to know best bluetooth speaker to use. If we go outside then one important thing is the entertainment and for entertainment we need songs and a device where we can play them. But the main thing is that the battery backup of the bluetooth speaker should be good.

Blueetooth Speaker

1. UE Boom 2

This sequel to the UE Boom nails everything a bluetooth speaker should be. It’s loud, yet detailed. Portable, but still incredibly durable. Plus, even better, the addition of waterproofing turns what used to be the best Bluetooth speaker around for most occasions into the best one for every occasion.

If you’re deep in the search for your next, or first, Bluetooth speaker, you can stop looking now. (But if you’re looking for a little more power, the Megaboom – also from UE – is a great choice, too.)

You can buy it from amazon for  Rs. 12,940           

UE Boom 2


Weight (in g)544
Battery Life (in hours)15
Wireless Range (in feet)30+
Frequency Response90Hz-20kHz
DriversTwo 1.75″ drivers and two 1.75″ x 3″ passive radiators
AUX inYes
USB ChargingYes

2. Fugoo Style

Meet one of the bluetooth speaker market’s best-kept secrets. The Fugoo comes in your choice of jacket style (Style, Tough, or Sport), but no matter which one you choose, this speaker is just as suited for the elements as it is to your coffee table.

Despite its small size, this option offers surprisingly good sound performance and, get this, up to 40 hours of battery life when listening at medium volume. We were able to get nearly 20 hours out of it at a high volume.

You can Buy it from amazon for Rs. 12,265             

Fugoo Style


Weight (in g)440
Battery Life (in hours)40
Wireless Range (in feet)30+
Frequency Response60Hz-20kHz
DriversTwo 28mm neodymium tweeters, two 39mm neodymium aluminum domed mid/woofers
AUX inYes
USB ChargingYes

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3. JBL Charge 3

As a package, the JBL Charge 3 offers a compelling set of features and excellent sound quality to boot. It punches well above its weight, playing it loud and distortion-free.

The Charge line of speakers have been on our shortlist of recommendations for a long time and the latest iteration maintains JBL’s dominance in the portable bluetooth speaker market.

You can buy it on amazon for Rs 11,721         

JBL Charge 3


Weight (in g)798
Battery Life (in hours)20
Wireless Range (in feet)30+
Frequency Response65Hz-20kHz
DriversTwo 1.7″ drivers and two passive radiators
Bluetooth Version3.0
AUX inYes
USB ChargingYes

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4. Bose SoundLink Mini II

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is relatively ancient, having been released in June 2015. However, writing off the SoundLink Mini II because of its age would be a mistake, as it remains one of the best sounding wireless blueetooth speaker.

That said, it punches way above what its size would suggest, producing deep bass, sparkling highs and a lush midrange. While most wireless speakers sound OK, the Mini II proves that small speakers don’t need to compromise on sound.

You can buy it on amazon for Rs 13,770           

Bose Soundlink Mini ii


 Weight (in g)667
 Dimensions (in inches)2 x 7.1 x 2.3
 Battery Life (in hours)10
 Wireless Range (in feet) 30+
 Frequency ResponseN/A
Bluetooth Version N/A
Aux-in Yes
 USB Charging No

5. UE Wonderboom

When someone asks us for a recommendation for a waterproof speaker, the UE Roll 2 was always on the top of our list. We loved the Roll 2’s unique form factor, 50-foot wireless range and, obviously, it sounded good, too. Where it was lacking was in the bass department. Logitech, UE’s parent company, has fixed the Roll 2’s lack of bass by creating the appropriately named UE Wonderboom.

In our eyes, the UE Wonderboom bests the Roll 2 in just about every way – except for the Roll 2’s handy bungee cord. Still, ignoring that, if you’re looking for one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market today, it’s hard to do better than the UE Wonderboom.

The UE Wonderboom is still not available in India but we have confirmation about its arrival to the country. Our global team has tested the device, hence we were sure about putting it on the best bluetooth speaker’s list.

You can buy it on amazon for Rs 5,499             

UE Wonderboom


 Weight (in g)425
 Dimensions (in mm)102 x 93.5
 Battery Life (in hours)10
 Wireless Range (in feet) 100
 Frequency Response80 Hz – 20 kHz
 Driverstwo 40 mm active drivers and two 46.1mm x 65.2mm passive radiators
Bluetooth VersionN/A
 USB ChargingNo

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